The free and easy way to log species designs! Keep up with changes in designs, owner, artist, etc.

Update v.3.5

This update comes with a lot. You will need to update all your files and move to a new sheet.



  • Pagination
  • Search
  • Prestyled CSS Sheet for easier customizing
  • Easy editable HTML


  • Easy masterlist submissions - literally just add a row and the info, then just keep going about your business!
  • Masterlist info can be added or removed from the masterlist sheet - and can be hidden or displayed on this one.
  • HTML is now easier to edit!
  • Single cards that you can link to.


  • You'll see slowdown when pulling cards on masterlists with a good thousand or so entries.
  • Mods/Admins with slower or older computers might have a tough time with google sheets.


I'm not especially good at JS but the system works good enough. I have marked up all the components of the JS if you decide to fiddle with it and turn it into something else.

The entire thing is barebones as possible so you can add and edit whatever you like!